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Geospatial Team Lead

I'm Alan, a GIS professional with an emphasis on analysis and design. Feel free to explore the information about my experience and professional history. You can find downloads of my traditional resume at the bottom as well.

100%Desktop GIS


80%Server Management


75%Web Development


Passionate geospatial analyst and team lead

I'm a dedicated geographic information systems specialist with 10 years of experience handling production efforts in both solo and team-oriented environments. I've helped answer a wide range of complex and unique customer requirements with a bearing towards analysis including terrain analysis, 3D analysis, and GMTI analysis. I've supported units overseas in both GIS technician and GIS Team Lead positions, and I'm always adapting to unique site workflows and developing additional capabilities along the way.

Outstanding efficiency

I strive for outstanding efficiency in production environments and in the maintenance of data holdings. I have an understanding of workflows from a customer's perspective and produce at a high rate tempo by utilizing effective organization and well-documented and shareable/repeatable workflows. I've ensured the integrity, accuracy, and completeness of data holdings through automated scripting, reporting, and fidelity scales. I've built customized solutions to match all kinds of environments through proprietary, commercial, and open source assets.

Excellent presentational skills and development of customer relations

Excellent presentational skills and development of customer relations are second nature due to subject matter expertise. I meet specific operational needs and intelligence requests through tailored products based on industry standards. I have trained instructors and students alike in aspects of hardware, software, analysis, and scripting. I'm also familiar with writing and proofing documentation on administrative, technical, and super-user levels regarding these areas.

Professional Experience

  • Present

    Apex LLC. - GIS Team Lead

    Advanced the rapidly growing Geospatial Training and Analysis Cell (GTAC) to support the Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) CONUS/OCONUS simulation lab, Full Motion Video (FMV), Bi-Static Surveillance System (BSS), and Imagery Analyst teams. Support provided to customers has expanded to mass data management and dissemination, spatial and scripted analysis, 3D modelling utilizing GIS technologies, and advanced geospatial visualization techniques. Overhauled online collaboration environments to support overseas teams to allow for quick-reaction products and sustainable production efforts. Customers requiring advanced methods of analysis and visualization but are restricted to limited software and hardware configurations are still receiving quality products and analysis due the team’s expanded capabilities and expertise.
  • 2015

    Apex LLC. - GIS Analyst

    Supported the Night Vision Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) simulation lab and other government/military customers in support of sensor-based solutions that provided force protection for the US Army. Training improvements allowed operators to support overseas units with additional support while building up an excellent collaborative environment as reach-back support to enhance the sensor suites. Significantly improved established workflows enabling the small team to support more customers with a wider variety of GIS analysis and data. Automation of workflows utilizing Python, command, and open source GIS scripting reduced common workflows by approximately 75% freeing up valuable manpower hours. Customer support consequentially expanded to include “war-gaming” databases for aviation operations and multinational Joint Operations whose data requirements were beyond previous manual capabilities.
  • 2014

    2nd Intelligence Battalion - GIS Team Lead

    Maintained, updated, and organized all geospatial data that is utilized by the Geographic Intelligence Capability in support of military operations, which included worldwide datasets at the command and tactical levels. Maintained an SDE database for replication into Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) SDE database. Instructed Marines in garrison and on deployment on the proper use and maintenance of equipment to include computer systems, servers, plotters, and other hardware. Trained and advised Marines on proper use of data for analytical purposes as well as proper creation and storage of newly created data. Developed curriculum based classes and tutorials that covered varying levels of geospatial analysis.
  • 2011

    2nd Intelligence Battalion - GIS Analyst

    Lead a shop of 40+ Marines with varying levels of experience. Taught proper industry standard techniques for product creation and geospatial analysis in support of a multitude of military operations in Afghanistan, the Caribbean, and AFRICOM over dozens of billets. Conducted and trained personnel in quality assurance and quality control of the products created and distributed. Consolidated map templates and analytical models to assist in custom tailored products to improve team efficiency and allow methodologies to be transferred effectively between consistent active duty turnover. Exceeded expectations of customers in product creation the include: humanitarian assistance, counter-narcotic operations, joint operations with partner nations, 3D analysis for aeronautical operations, hydrographic / beach analysis for landing operations, and training products.

Been There, Done That

I have handled production efforts in both solo and team-oriented environments. Supporting a wide range of complex customer requirements with a bearing towards analysis including terrain analysis, hydrographic analysis, visibility analysis, 3D analysis, Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) analysis, and humanitarian assistance. Support has been provided for theater and tactical levels of operations to Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (SPMAGTF), Force Protection (FP), and Special Operation Forces (SOF) in commands throughout the world. To get a better idea of the range of support I've provided check out a small sample of places I've supported or been stationed at in this interactive map below.

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