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You are currently reading my very first project, this site! It was originally written from scratch through HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Eventually, it evolved into a bit of a goofy CMS/hard-coded blog. However, as my career quickly advanced I didn't have the time to build everything properly and have since moved on to a more traditional solution that has allowed me to streamline the process of publishing projects to this site so I have more time to focus on them. Throughout the years I've been involved with various requests and goals. I would like to expand upon these experiences with this portfolio of sorts. Please feel free to reach out to me about any of these, I'm always looking to connect to other professionals in the industry.

DISCLAIMER: The following projects are loosely based on scenarios or situations I've come across before, albeit likely simplified. In order to follow guidelines associated with classified information, non-disclosure agreements, and general protection/privacy information any scenario should be considered purely fictional in nature. As such any information that includes, but is not limited to: locations, names, coordinates, capabilities, requirements, outcomes, factors, goals, and/or informational descriptions should not be assumed to be real or valid outside of the scope of their project. The scenarios or situations presented are products of my imagination and any resemblance with factual production is purely coincidental.

I am currently migrating older projects that were hard-coded and as such some postings may be place-holders.