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Hello World!

I think my site has enough information that there is no real need to go into particular detail about myself. I did want to start off my (mostly completed) transfer from a hard-coded projects page to a full blown blog by going into detail my intent for this section.

I’m sure I’ll grow as time goes on, but I plan to start by uploading some older random projects I used to work on long ago before moving on to larger projects and eventually dedicated ones. This will help me transition from technical work, to writing about technical work. It will be a lot easier for me to start with something already completed and simply work back a little from there. Hopefully it will also show a bit of progression I’ve made in my GIS journey as well.

I hope the projects I’ve worked on will at some point be useful to someone, but I’m altogether happy just documenting everything for my own purposes. I plan to keep all posts light and potentially humorous in nature, but to also provide enough detail, code, and examples to show the hurdles and leaps I had made on any individual project. GIS is so robust among so many industries, there is simply no way any one person would be able to know everything and this is simply my take.

I chose the name “Auxiliary GIS” since I plan to revolve around GIS as a whole, some projects will likely stick to whatever trend or interest I’m into at the time.

I hope to have posts with map art,
I hope to have posts with cool analysis,
I hope to have posts with awesome design,
I hope to have posts that delve into hobbies like games.. or Virtual Reality (VR),
and I hope you find something useful in here.

Only time will tell, so… Hello World!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map is easily worth millions.

Alan Clack

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