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NASA Night Lights – Workflow

As mentioned in my previous post. I wanted to share the workflow I used to come to the end-state of a hosted web map. Anyone interested can likely use the same workflow to come to a similar outcome. This post is going to be quite a long one, but hopefully the detail will help anyone

NASA – Night Light Comparison

Recently I saw a post about the relatively new NASA Black Marble (night time satellite imagery) datasets being released. Shortly after a few projects popped up such as Digital Geography’s slider comparison and ESRI’s Difference Detection map. ESRI also has a story map and blog post with more detail regarding their process. There were a

First Python Project – Extract .zip Files

Digging through some old projects I found my first Python project. This is a fairly large leap in time compared to my previous post, but I wanted to get some awesome scripting in here. Queue my first script, automated .zip extraction.

My actual first scripts of course were basic “Hello World” and move a

My First Project – Calculate Coordinates

Ahh, my first (documented) project. Again, going a bit from memory here, as this was fresh out of the military “GIS” school at the time… My first GIS shop was using ArcGIS 9.2 and Military Analyst for a lot of their work. Before ESRI had mosaic datasets, before they had the visibility tool, before a

Hello World!

I think my site has enough information that there is no real need to go into particular detail about myself. I did want to start off my (mostly completed) transfer from a hard-coded projects page to a full blown blog by going into detail my intent for this section. I’m sure I’ll grow as time

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